K. Layne Styled

close up photos of chocolates and earrings

If I told you that, regardless of how new you are to the industry, your wedding galleries can look luxurious what would you say? What if you could create a styling kit for your business that allowed you to quickly shoot branded wedding images that speak to your ideal client, regardless of what your client’s […]

Feb 19, 2021


woman laughing off to the side

When I decided to take my skills from “fauxtographer” to a real-life photography business I had no idea how to get into the market. It was so intimidating! I soon realized it was as easy as being kind and treating vendors like friends… FRIENDORS! It’s so easy to get caught up in all of the […]

Feb 11, 2021


2nd shooter holding camera in the snow

When hiring a 2nd shooter, you really need to be sure that expectations are managed, you are aware of any strengths and weaknesses, and you’re prepared to take the day by storm! Asking your 2nd Shooter these 5 questions will allow you to have the confidence and trust that you need on the most important […]

Feb 5, 2021