Why You Need A Styling Kit

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If I told you that, regardless of how new you are to the industry, your wedding galleries can look luxurious what would you say? What if you could create a styling kit for your business that allowed you to quickly shoot branded wedding images that speak to your ideal client, regardless of what your client’s plan?

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Well, guess what… all of those things are true!

When you’re prepping for a wedding, curating a styling kit that is on point should be at the top of our list! Stocking it with ribbons, dried flowers, fabric swatches, ring boxes and more is WHERE. IT’S. AT.

In my opinion, a cute Caboodle is styling kit perfection! They are the perfect size for everything that you could need. I have a lot of styling items that I store in larger containers and, before each wedding, I gather all of the items within the color scheme to elevate my detail shots!

Fitting items that match my brand colors is also a priority for me. This allows me to take a few shots for social media, my bridal guide, and right here on my website. I don’t always include these in my clients final gallery, but there’s no reason to waste the opportunity to get a few unique shots!

Why You Need A Styling Kit

Planning out your styling kit allows you much more flexibility to be creative, sets you up for “fancier” detail shots, and allows you the opportunity to serve your clients by delivering more photos in their gallery.

If you’re interested in stocking your kit, consider signing up for our email list to get updates about our subscription box, Style by Trial! Also, be on the lookout for my upcoming series on my favorite styling kit items and local shops that I source them from!

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Feb 19, 2021

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