Top 3 Reasons To Attend A Styled Shoot

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A styled shoot is an excellent tool for you to grow as a professional photographer. Overlooked by some, they can provide everything you need to take your career to the next level. As a photographer, you don’t always get a say in what goes on in front of the camera. However, with a styled shoot you can truly let your creative flag fly!

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Before we list our top reasons to attend a styled shoot, let’s just clarify exactly what one of these sessions is.

Styled shoots, often centered around a certain theme or occasion, are set up by vendors to create content to promote their brand or service. There is typically a cost involved, however this should be seen as an investment to grow your photography business!

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Now that we’ve cleared this up, here are the top 3 reasons why you should attend a styled shoot:

Top 3 Reasons To Attend A Styled Shoot

1. Meet peers in your industry

As a creative, you need a network in the industry to succeed – it’s as simple as that. The more contacts you have, the more opportunities you have to connect with new clients and build your business. Especially for photographers, your network needs to extend past those that work behind the lens. Florists, event designers, caterers, boutique store owners (such as wedding dress stores), and many more all provide opportunities to generate work. 

Various vendors will be in attendance at styled shoots, and they will all be using it as an opportunity to showcase their talent. By attending, you’ll not only be able to meet them but show them how you work in a professional environment. These connections could one day lead to you assisting on other jobs, calls to help with vendor clients, referrals to potential clients or simply some new friends in the industry. 

2. Practice using your equipment

Learning on the job is part of the journey for every photographer, which although exciting, can sometimes add to the stress of a shoot. So, imagine polishing your skills and craft in a stress free environment? Or perhaps you’ve got some new gear you’d like to test out and practice with? 

Styled shoots allow you to flex all of your creative muscles, make as many mistakes as you like and really master your equipment without the pressure of your clients being present. After all, there is no substitute for practice! 

3. Build your portfolio to reach your ideal clients

What is the best way to showcase your work? With top quality photos of course! When you’re starting out though, you might not be getting as many jobs as you would like – which is fine, it happens to all of us. Styled shoots allow you to create content that appeals to your target audience. Perhaps you’d like to photograph weddings? Hospitality? Events? Use these shoots to create the content you want potential clients to see and show them how you can make their vision a reality! 

So what are you waiting for? Find a styled shoot near you and make the most of this amazing career opportunity and who knows, you could be the next photographer someone mentions when talking about ‘a photographer they know!

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