Engagement Session at Great Marsh Estate


Engagement Session at Great Marsh Estate

If you’re familiar with me or my work, you’ll understand why this engagement session was totally up my alley. Shooting Emilee and Terry, a cute military couple, was made so much easier by how natural they both were. They were easy going and incredibly photogenic, which made this shoot an absolute dream!

We hung out at Great Marsh Estate and it was such an eye opening session for me. It’s funny how you realize that you’re suddenly finding your ideal couples and shooting your ideal sessions all at once! It can feel a little overwhelming. I knew I really liked these two, but after meeting them I knew they were exactly who I’ve been looking for! Not only did we get to chat about how much they adore their dogs, but we also got to enjoy the beautiful grounds in a stunning golden light. I mean, is this my life?! Look at how cute they are!!

Also, can we just talk about theses pups and give them the acknowledgement that they deserve! These two were super energetic, but really delivered when it was time to give me their model faces. C’mon – look at ’em!

I know being photographed can make some people uncomfortable, but if you can relax and enjoy yourself like Emilee and Terry during their session, you’ll end up with amazing shots like these! If you’re nervous, don’t worry… it’s literally my job to teach you and put you at ease!

It’s also why I always include an engagement session with all of my wedding packages. It’s so important that we get to know each other, you learn posing, and we get the jitters out before your actual wedding! An engagement session is perfect for all of those things!

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Aug 9, 2021

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