Top 5 Questions to Ask a 2nd Shooter

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When hiring a 2nd shooter, you really need to be sure that expectations are managed, you are aware of any strengths and weaknesses, and you’re prepared to take the day by storm!

Asking your 2nd Shooter these 5 questions will allow you to have the confidence and trust that you need on the most important day of your client’s life!

Is your 2nd Shooter a good time manager?

Having a second shooter that can mange the timeline for you and your couple is HUGE. It’s likely that their will, at the very least, be a Day-of Coordinator, but they have a lot going on. They cannot keep track of every thing all of the time. Asking your 2nd to keep you on task is a great solution!

** A Bonus would be if they are willing to step in if things are running behind. Putting their camera aside to light candles or put centerpieces on tables can go a long way with your vendor relationships! **

Are they capable of snagging some BTS photos for you?

An easy way to let your potential clients get a feel for what it’s like to work with you is to show them! While you’re busy catering to your clients, be sure to ask your 2nd Shooter to snap some photos of you in action and shoot some short snippets of video for you to use on Reels and TikTok!

Is your 2nd Shooter willing to not get the shot?

At the end of the day, you’re responsible for the final gallery. Be sure that you have an expectation management conversation with your 2nd Shooter. Many 2nd Shooters, myself included, get major FOMO when the lighting is great and the shot is epic. Be sure that they are willing to serve you in that moment and give you the floor.

Are they comfortable taking over if something comes up?

Listen. Shit happens! Will your 2nd Shooter step into the Lead position and confidently move forward? I’m not even talking about an emergency situation… What if your battery dies and you just need a few minutes to switch out, but the lighting is good. You should be able to trust that they’ll step in for a moment to keep the ball rolling!

What are your 2nd Shooter’s strengths?

If you know going into a wedding that your 2nd Shooter is great at detail shots and styling flat lays, you can plan your time around that. Putting them in situations where they may struggle, like a poorly lit groom’s suite, is only setting yourself up for disappointment. Allow them to do what they’re good at, which will only give you more opportunities to serve your couples!

If you’re looking for a 2nd Shooter in the Virginia area, you can contact Claire to find out her available dates!

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Feb 5, 2021

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