Our Virginia Snow Day


A Northern Virginia snow day only happens every once in a while so when it does you have to take full advantage! This year, Caroline woke me up before the sun came up with so much excitement. She rushed me to the nearest window to show me the covered ground. It was the cutest!

Then, like the wonderful mother that I am… I ushered her right back to bed and told her not to disturb anyone until daylight. Since Mark didn’t have to work we geared up to play outside right after breakfast and spent the majority of the day making a snow man, having a snowball fight, and even did a bit of tubing near our house!

little kids playing in the snow in northern Virginia

Baby Nora experienced her first Northern Virginia Snow Day, too!

Little Nora Jane wasn’t so sure about the cold temps, but she loves watching her big sister do all the things and this was no exception. It sure didn’t disappoint! Although, I must admit that her little hands and toes didn’t stay quite as warm as I’d hoped they would in her snowsuit.

We are a Carhartt family over here and I don’t think there’s anything cuter than a baby in overalls. In hindsight, I wish that I would have put Coco in her bibs, too, but I just love these sweet photo of my littlest with me. There’s always next time, right?! … Says there girl who hasn’t seen much snow here since 2019.

… and what photographer doesn’t take advantage of a Northern Virginia Snow Day?

After playing in the snow with my family, Claire and I linked up for some Virginia Snow Day headshots! We’d be crazy not to take advantage of fresh snowfall! We had fun being creative and escaping for some bestie time… a total win-win.

If you need updated headshots, be sure to contact me!

All the shots you see of me were taken by Claire, my favorite 2nd shooter! If you’re in need of a second shooter, be sure to check her out!

Need to prep some questions for Claire? Check out my “Top 5 Questions to Ask a 2nd Shooter” blog post!

Feb 9, 2021

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