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Mark and I have been doing this “military life” thing for almost 9 years together. Prepping for a military move is definitely one of the less glamorous parts of it!

It’s not so glamorous because, although it’s really cool to see different parts of the country (and even the world) and the deployment homecomings are some of the best memories of our time together, waiting for the news and preparing for what life looks like can be hard!

Military moves happen for us about every 3 years. Typically, there are two types of jobs for Mark: deployable and non-deployable (A and B Billets).

When we are headed into a B Billet, there’s a bit of relief! We expect that he’ll be home more, that we’ll have more family time, and it won’t be as stressful. That’s not always true, but for the most part it is.

When it’s time for an A Billet move, like what we are preparing for now, there’s a bit of a looming grey cloud. We know there’s a labor intensive job on the horizon and, most likely, at least one deployment.

We really only know the ballpark of when the military move is coming. As for the exact date, we have no idea! We also don’t know where we are going… “Oh, hi… you’re moving! I can’t tell you when and I can’t tell you where, but I will soon… ish… kind of… just wait, you’ll be fine.”

Mark gets to fill out this short list of places that he’d (we) would like to go, but in the end they send him where they need him. There’s even a bit of a running joke within the community that they’ll always send you to the last place on your list. It’s funny because it’s true way too often!

I don’t know if this is the popular opinion or not, but it’s not the move that’s so bad. It’s all the waiting leading up to it!

With all of that waiting comes a lot of reflecting, prepping what you can, and a whole boat load of purging! If you’re looking for some goodies to add to your styling kit, dresses to add to your collection, or anything else that I might find tucked back in a drawer be sure to check K. Layne Styled out on Instagram!

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Feb 2, 2021

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