Do I get Gallery Access?


Gallery Access is the number one topic of conversation when talking to potential clients! How many photos are included in your package? Do we have to pay extra to get access to the full gallery? My answer is simple… yes!

When I’m working with a client, whether it’s a wedding or otherwise, I always deliver a full, edited gallery! I do this for a few reason, but mostly because if I were the client I’d want gallery access to my own photos! Treat others like you’d like to be treated, amirite?!

Gallery Access vs RAW Access

To be clear, there’s also a difference between “full gallery” and “access to RAW images.” I do not give out RAW images, but you don’t NEED them! Once I’ve edited all of your beautiful photos, I upload them to Cloudspot and send you a link. So simple. So stress free.

How many photos should you except within your gallery?

On average I shoot about 50-75 photos an hour, depending on the type of event. For a simple family session it’ll be less just because of the nature of the session itself. However, if we’re at a wedding or corporate event (like this Polynesian themed event for the tenants of The Collective DC) that’s what you can expect.

At the end of the day, I can assure you that what you’re looking for is quality – not quantity. It doesn’t matter whether or not your gallery includes 5 images or 500 images are included if they’re all terrible.

If you’re searching a photography (CONTACT ME!), be sure to as to SEE a full gallery! That’s not an uncommon question and I’d, personally, be happy to share that with a potential client. I’d even consider that a “good sign,” because that means they’re taking the decision seriously – something that I love to see!

Feb 13, 2021

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