Virginia Beach Family Portraits

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Our besties have always been close-by since we got married. We all moved to Japan together. Then, we linked up again in North Carolina and, most recently, Virginia! We’ve celebrated marriages together, walked through deployment side-by-side, and welcomed babies into our circle.

Now, a year after this photoshoot, they’re off to Bahrain and I’m doing my best to ignore that little fact. I don’t think that that move is in our future, but crazier things have happened! It feels weird to see them packing their things and prepping to move across the world without any plans for us to join them, but I know that we’ll get through it!

With two more babies prepare to join our family, my hope is that we find a way to connect in person over the next couple of years. The Jones and O’D crew are ride-or-die and I’m so grateful for that!

Jun 23, 2020

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