Does this sound like you?

Your business is on cruise control, but you're itching for growth and expansion. On top of that, you have some great ideas that you can't stop thinking about.

Do you have a hobby that you know you could turn into a business, but you continue to get overwhelmed with all of the options, steps, and forms?

Do you consistently have friends, family, or potential clients coming to you with the same problems over and over again? Do you see the solution, but need help with the workflow and marketing?

Imagine if you could...

Turn your nightstand ideas into business blueprints


expand your business with a support team


see your hobby turn into a profitable business


create a solution to a problem within your industry


Success Layne


Business Design and Development for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners

Let Claire and I in on all of your ideas and let's brainstorm together on how we can turn those ideas into PROFIT! We want to help you build plans, workflows, marketing strategies, and more. Consider us the "Think Tank Advisors" before you hit the Shark Tank stage!

let's get to work!

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Step two

Immediately following our discover call, Claire and I will come up with a plan. A list of ALL THE THINGS that will take your idea straight from your nightstand notepad into reality. We'll give you a 90-day projection and tangible steps forward.

let's make a plan

Step one

To get started it's so simple! All you have to do is contact us to set up a call. Prior to the call, you'll get a questionnaire with information that will allow us to prepare. Once we're chatting we want to hear about all of your dreams and ideas!

schedule a call with us

step four

Plans evolve, goals get bigger. We check in throughout the implementation process to make sure your overall business design still looks the way that you want it to. If it doesn't, we can jump right back into the development stage to make tweaks! 


step three

Once we have a plan laid out, you'll have the opportunity to move over to the PHORC side of K. Layne Solutions where we offer all of the virtual assistance that you can imagine! You can be as hands-on or hands-off as you'd like! Our goal is to free up time to do the things that you love!

Virtual Assistance

Learn more about the process

Ali, The Photography Framework

Throughout the project she was a source of inspiration, encouragement, and truly wanted me to succeed.

entrepreneurial processing


Here's what's included...

We'll take time to walk through your idea start to finish, think through the logistics, and work through any issues that may come up.

Business development


Generating a blueprint on how you can turn the plan into a reality and laying out the steps that it will take to get from point a to z.

business design


Our time will be dedicated to seeing how this blueprint fits into your current business or how it stands alone.

Virtual Assistance


Once the blueprint is laid out, the plan is in place, and you're ready to move forward we will look over everything to see how we can help with the implentation.

text and email communication


The best part for us is the brainstorming process and the development from the original idea. We want to flush all of that out right alongside you!



We encourage a quarterly check-in to ensure that everything is on track. During these calls, we'll make changes as your idea evolves.

Yes, this is what I need!

We're big Enneagram people! Claire is a 5 and I'm a 2. There's never been something that better describes how we work together.

As a 2, I'm driven by my desire to help others and love holding a service role directly helping my clients. I absolutely love doing the people-centered parts of any work!

As the most inventive number on the Enneagram, 5s are able to objectively see problems and find a workable solution to fix them. Claire is capable, competent and an incredibly gifted critical thinker.

Together, we are the perfect balance! For every dream that I develop, Claire has the ability to zone in on the main objective while we work together to create tangible goals and boundaries to create a success plan forward!

Hi, we're kassie & claire

business Design and Development Consultant and Solution Specialist

Don't just take our word for it!

I came to Kassie with a wild idea that had been brewing in my head for a while…but it was one of those big, crazy, scary ideas that would take a LOT of thought, work, and dedication to make it come to life. Without hesitation, her wheels started turning, churning out ways to improve and execute the ideas. Throughout the project she was a source of inspiration, encouragement, and truly wanted me to succeed. I could not have brought The Photography Framework to life without her!

"Without hesitation, her wheels started turning, churning out ways to improve and execute the ideas."

The Photography Framework

"I highly recommend Kassie as a business coach - heck, even as a life coach! She has assisted me MANY times in taking a small idea and scaling it to a bigger idea and helped with the process of planning. She is so knowledgeable in different aspects of business no matter what level of experience you have.

"She is so knowledgable in different aspects of business"

Tiffany Rose Photography

So let me ask you, are you ready to...

have epic brainstorming sessions to bring your idea to life


gain Tangible steps to make your nightstand idea real


make plans to implement the idea into your current workflow


have Open communication throughout the entire process


Frequently asked questions

We work with you to set an implementation goal, but the typical process lasts 4 weeks and then we work together to roll you into the PHORC, our virtual assistant services, from there!

Although we think all ideas (big and small) are definitely "worth it," we also believe that you have to be just as dedicated to your success as we are to helping you implement your idea. Although we can assure you that you'll have all the support in world coming from us, we cannot guarantee your idea will work out - but you should absolutely try to make it happen!

Think of us as the advisors before you even get started. We don't see the results because we're helping you implement the initial ideas. It's natural to have refined ideas throughout the process and pauses due to life - that's totally normal! Your success timeline is absolutely dependent on the time and energy that you're able to put into the concept!