Does this sound like you?

Your business is on cruise control, but you're itching for growth and expansion. On top of that, you have some great ideas that you can't stop thinking about.

Do you have a hobby that you know you could turn into a business, but you continue to get overwhelmed with all of the options, steps, and forms?

Do you consistently have friends, family, or potential clients coming to you with the same problems over and over again? Do you see the solution, but need help with the workflow and marketing?

Imagine if you could...

Turn your nightstand ideas into business blueprints


Expand your business with a support team


See your hobby turn into a profitable business


Create a solution to a problem within your industry



Unleash Your Potential with Expert Solutions for Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Let us in on all of your ideas and let's brainstorm together on how we can turn those ideas into PROFIT! We want to help you build plans, workflows, marketing strategies, and more. Consider us the "Think Tank Advisors" before you hit the Shark Tank stage!

let's get to work!

Ali, The Photography Framework

Throughout the project she was a source of inspiration, encouragement, and truly wanted me to succeed.

Initial Consultation


Here's what's included...

We'll start with a complimentary consultation to discuss your business needs, goals, and challenges.

Plan Development


I will develop a tailored plan outlining the specific areas of focus, including streamlining processes, optimizing workflows, and implementing marketing strategies.

Agreement & Onboarding


Next, we'll set up communication channels, sharing relevant documents, and introducing me to your team.

Regular Progress Meetings


As we work together, we'll schedule regular progress meetings to review performance, discuss updates, and address any concerns or changes in business priorities.



I'll provide continuous support and collaboration, working closely with you and your team to ensure seamless communication, timely execution of plans, and optimal operational efficiency.



Periodically, we'll evaluate the impact of our collaboration on your business performance, identifying areas of improvement, and adjusting our strategy as needed to ensure continued growth and success.

Yes, this is what I need!

Our ultimate goal is to establish a long-lasting partnership, fostering trust, open communication, and mutual growth, as we continue working together to achieve your business objectives.

As an enneagram 2, my innate desire to help others and fulfill a service role perfectly aligns with my passion for business development and fractional VP of Operations. With a natural inclination towards being people-centered, I find immense joy in directly assisting and supporting my clients in achieving their goals.

By leveraging my strategic mindset, analytical prowess, and excellent interpersonal skills, I am adept at identifying growth opportunities and implementing effective strategies to drive business success.

In my role as a fractional VP of Operations, I excel at navigating the complexities of organizational management. I bring a unique blend of leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills to the table, ensuring that teams are aligned, processes are optimized, and resources are effectively utilized. My commitment to fostering a positive and collaborative work environment allows me to build strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

Hi, I'm kassie

Business Development Consultant and Solution Specialist

Don't just take our word for it!

I came to Kassie with a wild idea that had been brewing in my head for a while…but it was one of those big, crazy, scary ideas that would take a LOT of thought, work, and dedication to make it come to life. Without hesitation, her wheels started turning, churning out ways to improve and execute the ideas. Throughout the project she was a source of inspiration, encouragement, and truly wanted me to succeed. I could not have brought The Photography Framework to life without her!

"Without hesitation, her wheels started turning, churning out ways to improve and execute the ideas."

The Photography Framework

"I highly recommend Kassie as a business coach - heck, even as a life coach! She has assisted me MANY times in taking a small idea and scaling it to a bigger idea and helped with the process of planning. She is so knowledgeable in different aspects of business no matter what level of experience you have.

"She is so knowledgable in different aspects of business"

Tiffany Rose Photography

So let me ask you, are you ready to...

have epic brainstorming sessions to bring your idea to life


gain Tangible steps and a customized plan to move forward


implement systems and a workflow to simplify each step of the process


have Open communication throughout the entire process


Ready to Make Moves